I feel old …

I had a nice conversation with my sister yesterday. She just came back from holiday in Ibiza and she didn’t set a foot in a club!

Never short of a contradiction, she is the only person I know that learned Russian and Hebrew for the fun of it, having no Slavic, Jewish or Arabic roots that I know of, she went to Ibiza to meet a friend who was meeting friends who … but she hates clubbing, and techno music and shopping and all these things deemed frivolous.

Unexpectly, she came back very happy indeed. She dived there and she met an international crowd of divers in their early thirties that were traveling, having fun without plans for marriage, kids and real estate buying.   So I feel old and conservative. I find myself longing for the old times, when I was living in big cities with a nice corporate job, travelling and taking holiday far away and without kids nor husband and no obligation to have a regular live. At least we are renting in Marseille (why we got there here – in french) so no real estate ties.   


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